UPDATE: September 2019

We have now been married over three years. We have traveled to Europe, Israel and Pakistan. Yes Pakistan. Pakistan was not on our list of were we wanted to vacation yet God had plans to send us for family, friendship and ministry with Grace Believers Society. We have seen the work that God is doing in the hearts of the persecuted Christians of Pakistan. We have been blessed in more ways then we could imagine. Many of Paul’s post reflects the work God is doing in our hearts. 

Our family has increased with more grandchildren. They help keep us young as we try to keep up with all the changes of modern life. It is amazing to watch our children loving and teaching their children. We have another generation to pray for and watch spirits grow. 

Thank you for coming to His Family Table. You are always welcome as you become part of our spiritual family and share with us. 


Our Story:

One lonely widow + one lonely widower + a wink = love, marriage, more family and blogging.

Vicki and Paul both lost their spouses and were looking for someone to share life with. They entered the world of online dating. After nine months of receiving possible “matches” that were mostly scammers and liars, Vicki received Paul’s profile as a possible match. She winked, he answered then God worked in their hearts. Paul offered to coach Vicki with her dating profile to attract a man who loved God.  Vicki shared a story about fishing on a lake. It is easy to catch sunfish – the scammers and liars found on online dating, but harder to catch the northern pike, the one God would want in her life. It wasn’t long before Vicki and Paul realized she had hooked her Godly man, Paul. They realized they were meant to be together.

This is our story. We married in May of 2016. We combined our families: our grown kids, their spouses and the grandkids past and future. Our number is 14 and growing. This doesn’t count our extended family or our dogs. You can imagine all the conversations that fill our tables as we share our lives and love for God together.

Paul and I settled into our life on Camano Island and started writing. Christian blogging became our first project we worked on together. The tech world has much to teach us and we are learning through trial and error. Our daughter Valaree is stepping in the share her knowledge and help with the blog. She will write posts for the blog as she shares experiences and her love for God. We are looking forward to having other family members share with you too as we continue our conversations about loving God and living in today’s world.

We are sharing what God has given us – His Love. His love has seen us through some very hard times from our past lives. His love also gives us hope for a future with shared dreams to be used by Him. We are meeting people, traveling and experiencing a growing love for each other and our family while sharing the gift of God’s love with you. 

Vicki and Paul Burgess