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Sitting at His table is a joyful, yet challenging experience.  After all we are in the presence of the Creator. We are usually listening, but when we speak they are the words of reality. Why bother wasting breath on delusion?

The conversations are about things that matter to God the Father regarding His love, His church, His kingdom and His Son. To sit at His table is to hear what the Spirit would say. Never again will you be able to say, “I didn’t know.” His church are all the folks who believe Jesus, God’s Son, is their Lord and Savior. We are followers of Christ, Christians.
Did you know that normal Christianity is found in the Book of Psalms as well as in the Book of Acts. It is seen in the life of King David who expressed the depths of his heart and soul to God publicly, and was not ashamed. If King David was around today he would probably have a blog and be on Facebook sharing his trust and hope and love for God.
He could not help but glorify The Almighty God who blessed his life, nor can we.

This widow and widower were brought together in Christ to publicly declare God’s goodness and grace. Delivered from grief to experience joy our purpose is now to share by shedding His light upon whose who are seeking His love and truth.
Our hope is to encourage the faith of those who walk with us in obedience to His word. Obedience! Now there is a controversial subject. Until that day comes when He wipes away all tears let us hear His thoughts and walk in His ways together.

-Paul and Vicki