New Direction

Rivers! Not trickles or streams.

And certainly not a dry well when we come to Christ to drink. Rivers when you believe. His Family Table has been my overflow. There has been a little bit of blockage. I was angry and I had to get something off my chest. The more I learned what other Christians taught about God and the children of Jacob, the more I got pissed.

Their teachings present a god who does not keep his promises or takes them away and gives them to another. They create meanings to God’s word that fit their preconceived ideas based on their worldly wisdom. That is not who God is. He keeps His word.

So, I had to get it off my chest by spelling it out one promise at a time. Enough prophecy has come to pass. We have no reason to doubt the rest. And every prophecy fulfilled by Jesus happened just as it was written. Why would the rest not mean exactly what they say?  Our time as Gentiles has an expiration date. The last one will come into the kingdom and a book will be closed. God will then open another book. His vow to His people, Israel, will be kept.

More chapters to Building the Temple of God could be written, and maybe will be from time to time. In the mean time know that Jesus is the foundation, the prophets have painted a picture, and Scripture is there for the inquiring mind.

My anger is gone, only God’s righteous anger remains. Time to move on drawing closer to our Lord. Feel free to comment at His Family Table. Our desire is to become more intimate with our Father God. Like the apostle Paul, our quest is that we might know Jesus. Lord bless you.