Carpet Dealers

Just for fun.

Busy with family today, so l am quickly sharing about carpet dealers in Israel. The mural is in an excavated and restored portion of Jerusalem. Several scenes depict life as it may have been. Now let me tell you how life now is in an Armenian carpet dealers shop today in the heart of Old Jerusalem.

Lost, we wandered through the Old City with a map written in English and street signs that were in Arabic or Hebrew. We stoped to ask directions from a shop keeper. Little did we know that God had scheduled an appointment for us to meet the brothers Neil and Kahled in their shop, THE KHATIB.

Neil ran the shop filled with Bedouin crafts, silk and carpets. When we appeared he locked up the shop to take us up to a roof overlooking Old Jerusalem. Tea and sweets were brought when we returned. Gracious describes this shop keeper.

Days were spent with strangers who soon became friends.  Israel was explored guided by Kahled and accompanied by Dan, his long time friend. They both came to Tel Aviv on our final day in Israel. We left with memories of them locked in our heart.

Very rarely do I give referrals, but if you are ever in the Old City and you are looking for souvenirs THE KHATIB is located near the corner of Habad and Cardio. If you’re lost give them a call. 02-628 4290. Yes, we bought a carpet and it was waiting for us when we returned home.

Since we were on a bus tour there wasn’t time to negotiate a price for one of these carpets, but I would have liked to have tried.