A Reminder

Remember, the Day of Christ’s crucifixion will be Friday. Does it need to be a day of sorrow, or can it be a day of rejoicing? Jesus’ horrendous pain and suffering is over. He has returned to His Father, and now has a glorified body. I cannot imagine, but He says we will be like Him. Walking through walls was one thing, but now where two or more are gathered, He’s there.

Remembering is what we have done quite often, when we see ourselves so not right because of sin. That’s when we experience sorrow, but not Friday. We now are the Body of Christ. I know, amazing! Is it not!? Shame is gone, He took it all. We were the object of His joy, He is the life we now share.

Remember that with His glorified body, He is now closer than a brother. He’s a priest when you need one. Jesus is the Son of God.